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In 2011, the Foundation in collaboration with the Institute of Professional Development and Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan, discussed the possibility of the establishment of a Purpose-Built ECD Center in the village of Khidorjev in Rashtqala District in Gorno Badakshan.

In Khidorjev, an old school that had been damaged by a landslide was still being utilised for young children residing in the village. The decision was made to demolish the entire school block and reconstruct an ECD Center which would also be fitted with Seismic Resistance Technology that would support the buildings if any disasters occurred in the future. A retaining wall was built to avoid potential future risk to the school.

This school also has a heating system and includes a mini-library and custom-built playground. The school was also fitted with an EcoSan Toilet facility. The construction at Khidorjev centre started in July 2011 and the school formally opened in November 2012.

The Royal Bank of Canada donated funds towards a clean water supply in Khidorjev.

Since 2012, the organization has manged to fund and establish 18 more Early Childhood Centres by rehabilitation and renovating classrooms within Government schools.

Teachers hired for our centres are trained, mentored and coached by the Institute of Professional Development in Khorog, Gorno Badakshan.

Click here to view construction of the First Purpose Built Early Childhood Centre:  Khidorjev
Opening and Present Day Purpose Built Early Childhood Centre:  Khidorjev.
Click here to view PowerPoint Presentation of the 2013 Board Member trip to Tajikistan.