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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union very little attention has been paid to pre-primary education in Tajikistan. On account of this collapse, an already tight national education budget has further been reduced, the result of which has mainly affected teachers and the development of teaching and learning resources for the pre-primary grades. A national strategic document for Early Chidlhood Program in Tajikistan for 2006-2010 was ratified, but very few significant changes have impacted the sector.

Preschool opportunities are severely limited, with less than 9% of children attending preschool.

In terms of the physical setting for the young learner, the majority of pre-schools do not have acceptable facilities. Most of the rural pre-schools are not open in winter due to problems with heating. All of this is compounded by a lack of appropriate and adequate ECD learning material and resources, resulting in wastage of financial, technical, and human resources.

Furthermore, on account of the low salary of pre-school staff, there is high staff turnover in these centers. As per statistical data, the pre-schools established and functioning since the Soviet system have been providing services to a very small percentage of the population, mainly those living in district centers. Most of the rural population, therefore, does not have access to early childhood development services, leading to limited opportunities for the holistic development of children.